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Aqua stressed in Mega city, a road to prevent

Joni Alam:Water is essential to health, agriculture, energy, science, industry, transportation, and recreation- In short, to human existence- water is an incredible complex matter, at once political, economic, legal, social and ecological in its nature. For any region water fixed…

Reducing Water Wastage

Mr. Syed Habib Anwar Pasha, Chairperson of Faculty of Business Administration puts a special emphasis on reducing water wastage by spreading awareness among youth!

Poisonous Frogs

The scientists are in serious stress to tackle the nuisance of small poisonous frogs in Australian native. A group of scientists of Charles Darwin University in United Kingdom in their research said the small poisonous frogs are killing snakes and…


Monpura, A best and attractive island is located at Bhola district in Bangladesh. Its have a historical background. Portuguese pirates used to take shelter in the Monpura Island before 600 years ago. People from Bhola, Laxmipur and Noakhali started living…

Finalization of National Tobacco Control Policy under Threat: PROGGA

The cigarette manufacturers’ organization Bangladesh Cigarette Manufacturers Association (BCMA) has already started a strong lobbying campaign in the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to hinder the finalization process of National Tobacco Control Policy (NTCP) 2019. On 15 September 2019, the organization…

Gulshan Lake not in Government Spotlight

There has not been sewage and household dissipates did not stream into the Gulshan lake in a single day. Gulshan Lake, located Gulshan-Baridhara area was officially marked an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) to save the water body from becoming pollution….