Garbage Dumping in Bramaputra River

Dying Brahmaputra River is facing another blow following callous job done by Mymensingh municipal authority. The garbage will surely pollute the river water seriously if such heartless job is not stopped right now, said people belonging to different walks of life.Tons of garbage is being dumped in the bed of Brahmaputra River at Puran Godara Ghat [Old Ferry Ghat] area in the town since October 17 and still now it is continuing without considering the disastrous effect on the river, informed local people.

We urged the municipal authority several times to stop the menace but our appeal went unheeded, alleged slum dwellers and sand traders of the area.

There are some 1400 families live in the slums adjacent to the area and they are facing the menace of garbage dumping, they informed. There are some five preprimary schools run by NGOs in the slums and already the kids are facing odor pollution menace, it was also alleged.

Hundreds of people are involved with sand business adjacent to the dumping spot and all are facing serious disturbance due to garbage dumping, said Md. Shahjahan, one of the sand traders of the area.

Following protests from the local people and businessmen, now trucks and trolleys carry garbage at night or early in the morning to avoid protests from the local people, said slum dweller and traders while talking to this correspondent.

Mohabbat Ali, conservation inspector of the municipality; assigned for garbage dumping informed, around 100 tons of garbage was dumped in the river for nearly two weeks since October 17  but now it has been stopped.

But on allegations made by local people, the official said, they will investigate into the matter whether truck and trolley drivers carry garbage still now. The river is not the dumping spot of the municipality, admitted the official.

On the already dumped garbage, Mohabbat Ali also said, the municipal authority will remove the garbage from the river soon considering environment pollution.

Ekramul Haque Titu, mayor of the municipality earlier claimed, for the better interest of the town dwellers, the decision was taken to clean up the garbage including garbage of sacrificial animals hurriedly dumping it in the river soon after Eid-Ul-Azha..

The mayor also claimed that as serious traffic jam hinders to carry garbage to its dumping point at Moilakanda, on the other side of Shambhuganj Bridge on different occasions, the garbage was dumped here. But he admitted such act against the environment.

Meanwhile, Fhulki, an NGO and Mymensingh Nagorik Andolon, a forum of civil society members protested the garbage dumping in the river and urged municipal authority to remove the dumped garbage from the river as early as possible.

Fulki, under the banner of “Save Brahmaputra” also organized a human chain recently at Shaheb Quarter Park area in the town.

Contacted, Md. Yosuf Ali, assistant director [technical] of Department of Environment here said, the department has asked the municipal authority to stop the garbage dumping right now and to remove the dumped garbage from the river.

The official also informed that garbage dumping in the river is a serious violation of environment laws.

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