Monpura, One of the best and attractive islands is located in Bhola district of Bangladesh. It has a historical background as well. Portuguese pirates used to take shelter in Monpura Island before 600 years ago at least. After the Portuguese left from here, people from Bhola, Laxmipur, and Noakhali started living the island.

Bhola is one of the largest islands in Bangladesh which is situated the most southern parts in-country. The 20 Char lands in the 350-square kilometer island on the Meghna which the Bay of Bengal is a very closed and now green sector enclosed by sea. It’s presenting an extraordinary beauty that might not be seen in any other southern part of Bangladesh.  The mainland of Monpura is Bhola which was created by Poli of the Meghna River. The interesting thing is a journey in the Island; Varieties of wildlife with green forests are an enchanting scene never to be forgotten.

Deer, Monkey, python, dolphin & lots of various types of Birds are the major attraction of the island. The Department of Forest has been made this spot as green by planting trees about a decade ago so that cyclones and natural disasters cannot hamper the southern part of the country. And the department was tried to make this place a tourist spot.

It is important that a lot of migratory birds came here in the winter season. The exclusive feature of the island is that a person can see both sunrise and sunset from a few points on this island.

How to Go

A person can go to this amazing place very easily. Tipu 5 and Panama ship (locally called Launch) start its journey from Sadarghat, Dhaka to Monpura every day at 5 pm and reached at Monpura the next day at 7 am. Rent for the deck is 800 BDT and for the cabin are 800 to 1500 BDT. The contact number of Tipu and Panama is +88-01740951720.

Another route to go to Monpura Island is by starts journey with ship Tipu 4 or, Farhan which departure from Sadarghat at 6:30 pm and arrives at Tomijuddin Ghat of Charfashion area of Bhola district at 4 am. After that tourists can arrive at Monpura by another ship or, engine boat. This route will give a tourist extra benefit which is visiting the Tomijuddin area which is also an attractive place. However, it is one of the great tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

How to Visit

The best solution for the site visits is to rent a motorcycle with its driver. He will also help you as a professional guide. The motorcycle driver will charge 1000 to 1500 BDT for a day with refreshments and lunch.

Where will stay

Tourists can stay by setting up camp. Don’t worry, there’s no robber, thief and such kind of problems. On the other hand, there are some hotels but the quality is very low.

How can back

Every morning at 10 am, ships are a departure from Monpura.

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