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Ahmed Jubaer: Bangladesh is an over populated country around 164,689,383 people lived in our country according to recent UN data and the population density in Bangladesh is 1265 per Km2. This mass population creates huge amount of house hold waste in their daily life which are comes into our environment.

Today my writing is about house waste materials in Bangladesh and I will trying to provide some technical managerial concept about how to manage this waste by individual in our country. Household Waste is the domestic Waste or residential Waste materials generated by households. The amount of Household Waste produced by household can vary depending on factors like revenue and lifestyle.

Waste generation in Bangladesh is around 22.4 million tons per year and it is projected to reach 47, 064 tons per day by 2025. (wiki). We may consider our house hold waste material in to two major group

  1. Organic Waste materials
  2. Inorganic Waste materials.

Organic waste is the biodegradable waste which do not have any harmful effect in our environment except odor pollution. The sources of organic house hold waste materials are vegetables, fish, meat, potatoes etc. This are green waste as well.

Inorganic waste are non-biodegradable things that have no effect of microorganism over it so that reason this waste materials have long time effect on environment. Plastic is the common inorganic house hold waste that have worse effect on our environment. Such as collapsing draining system, navigability of rivers, ponds, canals, and troughs that cause’s water blockage during monsoon season in Bangladesh with little raining. To know better what are the inorganic wastes it may be remained that all synthetic artificial products are turns into inorganic waste materials. So we need to take extra care to dispose it.

There are usually three main concept of waste disposal where two of it are environmental friendly and the other is not so. Process are

  1. Sanitary Landfilling
  2. Recycling
  3. Incineration (not ecofriendly)

None of above process are suitable for residence of Bangladesh to dispose waste because of time management or business but government can take advantages by providing some instruction to dump waste into dustbin.

We can segregate waste in two different bags may labeled as organic waste and inorganic waste or eco waste and non eco waste. The benefit of this techniques is that disposal person of City Corporation finally not going to dispose all the wastes together in same process. Organic waste may dispose by landfilling where inorganics may with extra care for sanitary landfilling or recycling.

Basically residence of commercial city like Dhaka, Chittagong should practice this as they are the main sufferer of water blockage during rainy season. Beside this proper management of waste can give us energy like electricity as well as gas which may be the next asset of Bangladesh. Tons of waste may turn into energy if we dispose waste in the right way.

(The writer is a Chemist, MSc in Chemistry, University of Chittagong and a participant of National Environmental Writing Contest 2020. He can be reached at [email protected])

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