Poisonous Frogs

Poisonous Frogs

The scientists are in serious stress to tackle the nuisance of small Poisonous Frogs in Australian native. A group of scientists from Charles Darwin University in the United Kingdom in their research said the small Poisonous Frogs are killing snakes and crocodiles, raising concern for bio-diversity.

When the snakes swallow them to meet their hunger, the small frogs spread poison inside the snake’s body and eventually the snake dies, said the report. The scientists said that they were concerned when they worked with the crocodiles of Victoria River and Bulow River in Northern territory. The number of crocodiles, small in size (male 1.7 meters while female crocodile only 0.7 meters) known as Pigmy, a rare species was 28 in 2007 but the number came down to 18 after one year.

The scientists could not specify the actual reasons behind such reduction of the crocodiles but after the presence of such frogs in the rivers, the number of crocodiles is coming down. It may cause of Climate Change effect. Incidentally, Due to shortage of Food, the crocodiles eat up the frogs and they die, said the scientists. The frogs are advancing towards East-South Australia with a speed of 50 kilometers per year, the scientists informed.

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