Groundwater depletion and related environmental threats around Dhaka city and other cities nearby

Dhaka Water War

Kowshik Ahmed: Water! Fresh water! Which is the most essential element for us and our environment. If I say, you have to live one day long without water, then you must freak out! Obviously it must be difficult to survive a single day without water. And if you still don’t know, how is it to live without pure water, then you are welcomed to try!

The matter of fact is most of the people of our country still doesn’t know the value of fresh water because water is often easy to get here. But when it’s about the over populated and urbanized city like Dhaka, then most of the people can feel the crisis of fresh water around them.

Now the question is, is it all about the fresh water crisis?

-NO, it’s not only about fresh water crisis but also about other environmental threats like- groundwater level depletion, land aggravation, deterioration in water quality, environmental drying up and increasing the process of desertification, depletion of water in streams and lakes in the city etc.

So, how this all are related? Let’s discuss.

Because of over population and urbanization in Dhaka city, the continuous withdrawal process of groundwater is taken place over last 30 years in demand of the daily need. The surface water resources, like- lacks, rivers, streams are filled up due to urbanization.

Because of that the recharge process of groundwater level is averted and the level of groundwater drops around 7-10 meters in the different places of Dhaka city. Scientists are concerned that it may lead the process of land aggravation which may cause severe “Earthquake” in the Dhaka city. It may cause subsidence of some construction in the Dhaka city. Also the water quality is deteriorating day by day which is a great health threat.

Lack of proper drainage system and groundwater recharge system, sometimes it leads to severe desertification and sometimes severe flash flood. Both cause great damage to our environment and life.

Now, what initiatives are needed to take for prevent those threats? Let’s discuss…

First of all, we must need a proper water management plan and properly implementing those which are already exists. Formulate special groundwater rules and we all have to stop misusing the fresh water.

Secondly, Artificial recharging of groundwater must be executed through excavating necessary numbers of lacks and water streams and also by river dredging.

Thirdly, Use modern technology for water contribution and spread awareness of stop misusing the supplies water. Fix the supply limit for residences and industries and maintain that strictly.

Fourthly, we have to stop water pollution and plastic pollution. All the industry must follow the treatments rules for pollutants. No industry should be permitted to set up without a proper treatment plant for waste water. Necessary number of water treatment plant must be established all over the country and operate regularly.

And the fifth point is each and every building should have the storage system for store rain water. We must utilize the rain water for our use to reduce the burden of groundwater.

So in a nutshell, we can say that by following those steps discussed above we can diminish the problem and make the place environmental friendly and sustainable for everyone. Along with that we must keep planting trees which are the natural savior of the environment and also important for our groundwater preservation.

(The writer is a student of Patuakhali Science and Technology University and champion of National Environmental Writing Contest 2020. He can be reached at [email protected])

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