Nishorgo Looming in the Horizon after Ampan


Tahjeeb Hossain Chowdhury: After the Devastation of the Cyclone Amphan, it seems there is no breathing room from calamities. On the horizon, a new cyclone lurks in the distance, this time by the name given by Bangladesh as Nishorgo.

Amphan rampaged across Bangladeshi Coastal shores and West Bengal emanating from the Bay of Bengal. Although not as devastating as cyclones before, it still dealt with heavy casualties along with monetary damages. This time Nishorgo seems to be in a similar destructive manner from the Arab Sea. The regions in the crosshairs this time are the Indian Regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra which includes the Mumbai Metro Area as well. 

The coastal regions of Mumbai, Goa, Lakkha Islands, and also Gujarat area are predicted to be in the crash zone. Wind Speeds of Nishorgo is predicted to be around 110 kilometres per hour. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi observed the situation last Monday. Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah sat with Uddhav Thackeray, the Maharashtra Chief Minister to plan evasive actions. Prime Minister Modi has advised general people to move and act with utmost caution. 31 teams consisting of 45 members each are stationed in two portions of Maharashtra to handle disaster time responses. Mumbai area famous for its fisheries has a large number of citizens who rely on the sea to make up for their livelihoods. Ensuring their safety is also within the primary goals of safety measures.

With the Covid-19 situation at an escalating level, Nishorgo poses a lot of disturbances in the Pandemic time efforts. Gujarat and Maharashtra both have had very fragile states due to Coronavirus with 70,000 infected in Mumbai alone.

Bangladesh, as it stands, does not have much to worry about Nishorgo as it is unlikely that the cyclone will reach Bangladesh shores with full force. But, side effects of a strong storm has been seen with heavy showers and thunderstorms happening in many regions of Bangladesh, Although the storm will not damage Bangladesh, still we have to show solidarity with our neighboring nations in this trying time. Nishorgo is making its way to the shores and might be in sight of a collision course and in this time thoughts and prayers go to the citizens and first responders of this natural calamity.

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Photo Courtesy: Reuters

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