Agriculture Budget of 2020


Tahjeeb Hossain Chowdhury: The budget declaration has always been a topic for discussion and more often than not debate among citizens, experts, even international mediums. That time of the year has come around again as the Bangladesh Budget for 2020-2021 has been made available from the public. Our agriculture is a strong driving force behind both our economy as well as our environmental balance as well. So it would be a good idea to take a look at the biggest takeaways from the Agricultural portion of the budget 2020-2021.

A firm concentration on the ongoing Covid-19 situation

A very noticeable part of what the budget entails is how much of it gives importance to tackling the ongoing pandemic. The agriculture part of it is no exception. As a part of the previously predicted food crisis due to the pandemic, the budget presents it as the ultimate challenge for the nation. The budget has emphasized on the continuation of activities for encouraging agriculture and bolster our self-dependence on rice that we have achieved. These activities along with. It also sheds light on the Amon and Boro bumper production and how we need more workers to get that paddy into the storehouses. Stress has been put on to invest effort and time into wheat production so that we can achieve proper standards.

To make accessories and necessary materials like seeds, fertilizer, cultivation tools and machinery more accessible for the COVID-19 crisis period was also a notable addition to the budget proceedings. To put it into better perspectives, bracing for the economic and operational impact of this pandemic was one of the key aspects of the agricultural budget.

Sustainable Cultivation and Innovation

Another notable addition to the budget was innovation and sustainable practices. Seeds of crops and produce that can withstand harsh weather was taken up in 2009. And now the efforts to continue the research has been mentioned in the budget which has 109 breeds.

The investment of 3198 crore towards mechanization of agricultural activities is a welcome addition. Deficits of 9500 crore and reinvestment of 5000 crore was also mentioned. And chemical fertilizer prices are to be stable during the fiscal year.

Fisheries and Livestock

Another part of the agricultural spectrum is also the Fisheries and Livestock breeding. Provisions for these is also quite visible. It talks about how we are self-sufficient towards fulfilling our protein demands. Also, the Covid-19 risk of not being able to fulfill demands in the lockdown environment was a topic of discussion. To rehabilitate the fisheries industry, the government will take the necessary steps in post-COVID times.

Deep-Sea Fishing activities

Another very notable addition to the budget is the deep sea fishing activities. The budget states the establishing of the “Marine Fishing Laws -2020” which entails fishing standards and regulations for doing business with such. The deep-sea fishing of Tuna has great potential although the activities have not begun yet. Sea Vessels to facilitate such fishing is to be collected according to the budget.

Funds into researching deep sea fishing, fish breeds along with poultry, livestock has also been mentioned. Innovations, inventions, patents of several researching has been added into the budget.

Food Security

To provide food for the populace during and after the COVID pandemic, provisions have been taken. Targets of 7.98 lakh metric tons of Amon, 8 lakh metric ton of boro, and 11.5 lakh metric ton of rice collection limit has been taken. The most affected corona victims have to be cared more along with people living below the poverty line. Provisions for their food have also been made in the budget.

The provisions for food security for 2020-2021 is 22, 489 crores which is an increment from last year (21,484 crores).

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